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Our Story

There is a unique story behind every piece of jewellery we design - your story - and the design process is a journey we travel on together.

All our pieces are bold, luxurious, original and inspired by the natural world. We have a passion for spontaneous imperfections, our skills grow with our life's journey. Let us celebrate yours. 


Whether it's reviving a beloved family heirloom into an everyday statement piece, or marking a milestone with a bespoke design to treasure forever, it's truly an honour to be part of your story.

Each piece is original and unique, for the woman that wants to make a statement without saying a word.


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About Anne


Anne Morgan was born in Keynsham, brought up in Somerset and Warwickshire and has always had a passion for jewellery. After gaining a BA (Hons) in Designed Metalwork and Jewellery at Buckinghamshire College, High Wycombe she moved to Cardiff to continue developing her signature style. 

In Cardiff, Anne set up workshops in a variety of locations from the kitchen table, and then moved into a purpose built workshop at the bottom of her garden. A fabulous venue to keep an eye on her young family and keep the creativity going!

In 2015, Anne was able to forge her dream to open a permanent gallery display, championing and showcasing the best of contemporary jewellery in the UK. The Anne Morgan Jewellery gallery was born.


​Anne Morgan Jewellery is a haven for jewellery lovers who appreciate fine detail, handmade expertise and master craftsmanship.


The gallery showcases a curated collection of talented makers,  whose inspirational designs sit together in one incredible gallery experience, with all pieces so wonderfully wearable.


The ethos of Anne Morgan the designer translates fully into the Anne Morgan Jewellery gallery - jewellery expressed as the stories of the lives we lead, and the narrative it can provide as we wander our worlds.

Anne has always loved the imperfect elements of her discipline. She enjoys silver’s potential for texture and her practice explores the relationship between 'look and feel' in the materials she uses. Anne’s specialism is to use a technique called reticulation, and her creations proudly show off their origins through workshop experimentation.


This is what makes her reticulated silver surfaces particularly unique: each marks a precise moment in which she withdraws her flame from part-liquefied silver. The form as well as the technique have always taken inspiration from nature, and the contrasts of texture and shape that can be found there.


The asymmetry that is found within the landscape of the surrounding coastline, the erosion that naturally takes place, all influence her designs alongside the carefully selected gemstones that accompany them.


Meet the Team


Lucy Burke

Lucy is our Gallery Manager and Marketing Officer.

Lucy has been with us pretty much from the start. Her enthusiasm for jewellery is second nature.

Her background in marketing means that she uses her creativity to creates a wonderful environment to come in to and help you choose the exact piece for you or your loved one.


Katharine Daniel

A recent addition to the gallery team, Kat also runs her own jewellery design business and is a strong advocate of working with diamonds, gemstones and precious metals that are responsibly and fairly sourced. Kat is our in-house CAD design specialist. If you visit the gallery for a bespoke commission, CAD will give you a 3-D drawing and model of the design at the initial phase.

Rebecca Burt.jpg

Rebecca Burt

Rebecca is a jewellery designer/maker and has been running her business since the end of 2017. She has a degree in textile design and it wasn’t until she completed her degree, that she started to work in precious metals. She is fascinated by different fabrics and her love of surface and embroidery translates into her jewellery. 

Katy Colman

Katy is the newest member of our team and is super efficient at everything she does. She comes from garden design &  visual merchandising background and it shows with her flair for display and eye for detail.

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