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Ami Pepper in Sp-Ring Q&A

Updated: Feb 14, 2022


Ami Pepper Studio

Ami Pepper

Born in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, Ami’s collection of unique sculptural pieces of jewellery explores the intricate cluster formations of shells and life underwater.

By studying the traces of the tides and colours of the landscape, Ami encapsulates a sense of the coast, giving her jewellery an essence of the raw, organic treasure you can find there.

Taking on a growth process, the pieces are encrusted with barnacles like a shell would be over time under the sea. This is then translated into carved wax, cast, and encrusted with stones to form organic clusters.

Amy Pepper Collection

In the words of Cilla…

What's your name and where do you come from?

Ami Pepper and I come from little town called Fishguard in West Wales.

What do you do, and what do you make?

I'm a fine jeweller, creating treasures inspired by the sea

What is your favourite gemstone? And do you have a favourite tool you’d like to tell us about?

My favourite gemstones are diamonds in raw and faceted forms, and a favourite tool is my burnisher.

You’re at cocktail party (we all wish), and someone asks you what do you do? What is your two-line response?

"I'm a fine jeweller, creating alternative bridal, remodelled and everyday treasure for ocean lovers.."

Why and when did you start making?

My father was a jeweller, and I would always hang around his bench gazing and dreaming up treasures. From there I went on to study jewellery, work for international jewellers, then set out on a path of my own.

Fun/little known fact about yourself?

I'm a very keen sea swimmer.

If you could go on any holiday right now – where would you go?

Sardinia ~ Dreamy waters and landscape, and of course gorgeous food!

What is your favourite piece of jewellery you own?

That's hard, it changes all the time when I make new pieces!

What's your most treasured piece of art you own?

My Mum for my 30th birthday, carved me a mermaid from a piece of Pembrokeshire purple stone that she gathered when she was pregnant with me.

What have you been watching? Your favourite TV show you’ve been bingeing/watching this lockdown?

David Attenborough, Queens Gambit, Bridgerton

Any dream commissions you’d love to be working on in the future?

I'd love to be commissioned using Welsh gold.

Ami's incredible work is now available in the gallery. Come see how beautiful each piece is, and select something truly memorable for yourself.

Ami Pepper Bench


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