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Updated: Feb 15, 2022


It's here.

It's landed.

And it's open for business!

Our fabulous new website is now LIVE and we’re just a tiny bit excited! As you know, we’ve been busy streamlining and polishing up Anne Morgan Jewellery both online and in the gallery - for it's shiny and beautiful post-lockdown return.

And with our new website, business can resume right now! We are proud and excited to announce that not only does the website look wonderful, it now also has a fully fledged online shop. Read on to find out how you can buy, AND get a lovely discount on your order, just by virtue of having signed up to our newsletter.



What you can find....

Our new website now offers you more information than ever about us; who we are, what we do, how we work, our ethos as a company, beautiful jewellery to buy, and of course lots about Anne herself, and her journey to becoming the designer-maker and business woman she is today!

If you want to learn more about bespoke commissions then there's a page for that! Just head over and talk to us about what you are dreaming of. If you want to know about what workshops we’re running, or would like to book on, then there's a page for that too!



The most exciting bit....

And although we love the whole website, the bit we are MOST excited about is the bit where you can buy Anne Morgan original pieces right off the page! And to make this launch even sweeter we are offering you lovely people a 20% discount on your first purchase from the site.

So we think the best course of action would be to grab a cuppa, or maybe being as it's Friday - a glass of wine, and take your time to browse through and find the perfect piece.

Use this code, NEWWEBSITE20, to get something beautiful in your life or to buy something gorgeous for someone dear to you.



And finally....

We want to say a big thank you to the lovely and multi talented Sarah J Evans for all her hard work on getting the site up and running, and for the gorgeous photography that she has done with our beautiful model Lucy, who is also our gallery manager. An abundance of riches of talent and skill there!

We've popped Sarah's website link below as we highly recommend her work.


And so, that brings this big newsletter announcement to a close. We guess all that's left to say is....on your marks, get set, SHOP!!!

Head here and you're set!


And of course that we hope to see you all soon, when the gallery is back open. We've got another surprise in store there for you, so keep tuned in for more information coming soon.

Best and warmest wishes as always

Anne & Team


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All rights reserved.

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