Diamonds: The April Birthstone

The Timeless Beauty of Eternal Diamonds...

Every month of the year is assigned a birthstone, and April is adorned with the timeless beauty of diamonds. If your birthday falls during this April, know that your birthstone represents a supreme gem - one that symbolises endurance, power, and everlasting love.

Adorning thousands of ancient warriors and modern royals since their discovery in the 4th century, diamonds represent the ultimate symbol of both beauty and power.

This precious gem is just as tough as it is stunning. Uncut, rough, black, grey, salt and pepper, rose cut, old cut or brilliant cut - diamonds are wonderfully diverse and dazzle in any light.

This April, visit the gallery and discover our gorgeous collection of handmade diamond rings at Anne Morgan Jewellery. Part of the 2022 Sp-Ring Exhibition.

Ancient: 900 Million years in the making
Eternal: Named 'adamas' by the Ancient Greeks meaning unconquerable

Love: The Romans referred to diamonds as the “love” stone, believing that the tips of Cupid’s arrow were studded with diamonds, which could penetrate the hearts of even the most stubborn lovers.

Healing: In ancient civilisations, women would heat up their diamonds over a fire and take them to bed, believing it would draw out poison or dispel unwanted toxins of the blood.

Timeless: Diamonds are time capsules that yield valuable information about conditions deep in the Earth’s upper mantle where diamonds formed, as well as clues to the formation and age of the diamond.

Symmetry: Diamonds are crystals. Crystals are the ultimate form of symmetry in nature. Their shape reflects the internal orderly arrangement of atoms within the crystal.

Legend: One legendary stone is the Koh-i-noor (“Mountain of Light”). The Koh-i-noor diamond’s early history is shrouded in time. It is believed to be 5,000 years old.


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