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Grand Re-opening !

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Anne Morgan Gallery



We're back.

We're looking better than ever.

And we're open for business!

It feels like both forever and no time at all since we last threw our doors open to you lovely people and welcomed you in to browse the treasures of the gallery.

It has been the strangest of times for us all, and the safety of both you, our customers, and us, the staff, has been at the forefront of any decisions we have made in terms of trading. Now, with the new easing measures from the Welsh government, we are beyond delighted to say that we are officially RE-OPEN!

Once again we’re welcoming you back through our doors and we cannot wait to see you.

Of course there will be certain measures in place, and you may still have questions about how we intend to operate in our new normal. This newsletter sets out to ease your mind - and reassure you that your shopping experience in the gallery will be as straightforward and safe as we can possibly make it.

Oh! And did we mention.....the gallery has also had a major facelift! A whole new look for our relaunch sees some beautiful changes which we are sure you are going to just LOVE!

Anne Morgan Gallery



As many of you will already know, we have recently had a makeover of the website, it's now shinier and prettier than ever, and has a fancy new online shop for buying AMJ original designs.

So, we thought - if we're going to revamp the website, then why not the whole caboodle and give the gallery a fresh new look too. If there's one thing we can do well at Anne Morgan, wonderful jewellery designing aside, it's multi-tasking! And so the gallery now houses some sleek, gorgeous new custom made display cases to show off the work to it's most gorgeous effect.

Enjoy our new stylish contemporary look in the images above and below. We hope you love it as much as we do!



At all times during this revamp we've been thinking about your safety, and the safety of our staff once we're-open for business. So, with this in mind we thought it would be helpful to provide some questions and answers that may cross your mind before you head out shopping in the new world.

Of course, if you have any additional questions that aren't covered, please feel free to call us or drop us an email, and we'll do our very best to ensure your safety and comfort at all times during your visit.

What are the gallery opening hours?

We are now open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm as ever.

How many customers are allowed in the shop at any one time?

We are allowing two customers at a time into the space to ensure that we are considerate of social distancing guidelines for you both you the customer and us the staff. We are using an appointment system to book in time to discus customer designs and remodelling work with Anne. Please feel free to call or email to book your spot

Have you installed screens to protect the general public at the counter area?

A screen has been installed for your safety and peace of mind at the counter point.

Do you provide antibacterial hand-wash upon entry?

We have antibacterial hand-wash on entry, with our staff using gloves and face-masks to reduce risk.

How can I try on jewellery safely?

We are limiting the handling of jewellery as far as possible, but realise that this is not always realistic when you may be considering a purchase. We are using an ultrasonic cleaning process to ensure that our jewellery is safe to handle.

What is your return and exchange policy in this new normal?

Our return and exchange policy has not changed, as our cleaning process remains as ultra hygienic as it always has been. This is of course with the standard exception of exchanges on earrings.

Can you guarantee a safe shopping experience?

We guarantee that we are following guidelines laid out by the Welsh Government, and that we are as mindful as we can be, and armed with as much knowledge as we can about how to interact in the safest possible manner, to reduce risk.

Do you have any new work at the gallery?

As our Sp-Ring 2020 exhibition was cut short by our temporary closure, we currently still have those rings available at the gallery for purchase. We are of course, looking for beautiful new jewellery to add to the gallery at all times, and we will keep you posted on new arrivals

Do you have any re-opening offers?

We are still running our online shop promotion which offers 20% off your first order.


Anne Morgan Gallery


As scary as this can all sound and as crazy as this whole few months have been, we really want you to know how excited and pleased we are to be back open, and welcome your return to our gorgeous gallery. Some semblance of normality is just what we all need to keep us sane, and we’re doing our utmost to keep you safe. We take our duty of care to our customers very seriously.

We also love what we do so very much that we cannot wait to share it with you all again.

As great as our social media platforms are, we truly feel that it’s no substitute for face to face communication and have we missed that! We are hoping to see every one of you over the next few months, blinking into the light, and coming out of our homes, to face the new version of the world around us.

We know it can be an anxious time, and we hope that in some tiny way we can help soothe that away by virtue of a distraction by beautiful things - beautiful, dazzling, charming things - all here in the gallery, just waiting to be brought to life by you.

Our very best and warmest wishes as always.

Anne & Team


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