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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Anne Morgan Gallery


Let's Get Digital! : The Digital Craft Festival 2020

We are delighted to announce that AMJ will be exhibiting and contributing to the 2020 Digital Craft Festival taking place on the last weekend of this month! The entire festival will be hosted online and you can get involved in a number of ways - whether it's meeting the makers, watching demonstrations, participating in one of the amazing workshops or listening to one of the craft conversations.

Anne Morgan will be involved in the following events:

/Friday 27th November at 4pm - 'Show & Tell' Film

/Saturday 28th November at 12.30pm - Live Zoom chat with Louise Jones Williams, Director, Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre

/Sunday 29th November at 2pm - Instagram Live in conversation with Sarah James, Festival Director

We will of course be posting on social media over the next week so please keep your eyes open, but in the meantime you can book your spot at any of these events with Anne via the link below. It’s also a great way to find out what else is on offer during the festival.

We can guarantee an absolute raft of beautiful craft and design pieces, along with interesting stories and personal maker journeys documented in conversations.


If the idea of taking part online feels a little daunting, fear not! Sarah James, Festival Director, has kindly filmed a YouTube talk explaining how the event will run, what you can expect as a viewer, and how to get involved.


Warm Up

As a little warm up to the Craft Festival, we thought you lovely lot might like to see this short film.

It documents Anne and her working processes, as she moves through

/seeking inspiration from her environment

/sourcing materials

/exploring the relationships between them

Filmed by the talented team at R&A Collaborations, it's the perfect way to ease yourselves into all things craft and design ready for the Festival next weekend.

Ebb & Flow: Anne Morgan

Digital Craft Festival


Welcome, our New Makers!

Further to our last newsletter we are thrilled to welcome even more new makers to the gallery! Can you tell we love our job? It feels like we're bringing you gorgeous new work to look at every week! And so we are introducing...


Introducing the deliciously darkly talented SLAB, specialising in spiky character-laden jewellery for those of us with a bit of attitude! If you love edgy / fun design then SLAB is a perfect match for you. Come experience the whole range, available now at the gallery.


Our very own Rebecca Burt’s new collection is now on show at the gallery. As part of the in-house team, we know just how brilliant Rebecca is, and now you can see for yourself with this beautiful, elegant new collection. 'Flux' mixes texture with crisp, clean lines for a cool contemporary look. We guarantee you won't want to take it off once you've tried it on!


Already a gallery favourite, Cara has submitted the new collection 'Icarus' to the gallery. As Cara herself explains:

"Layers of textured feathers hang and glimmer in the light. The tragic myth of Icarus who dared to fly too near to the sun on wings of feathers and wax inspired this collection, which uses elegant, overlapping elements that move playfully when worn."

From the reaction of our team when the delivery box was opened we'd say that this beautiful collection is going to be an attention grabber! Utterly gorgeous and completely tempting.


Heavily influenced by kinetic movement, Julia's work has a strong sense of movement and fluidity which works beautifully with the clean, simplicity of her designs. Mixing metals and stones, her work is highly wearable making it perfect for the everyday.

As Ever...

A big thank you for all your support over this most chaotic of years. The fact that so many of you turn up to buy at the gallery or order online means we can continue to curate, exhibit, make and sell some of the finest jewellery around.

So, until next the newsletter, stay safe and we hope to see your faces at the gallery soon!

Anne & Team


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All rights reserved.

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