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Updated: Jun 7

Garogosi Pendant

Show Someone you Love...


We've teamed up with Garogosi to bring you the perfect little symbol to say I LOVE YOU. For a limited time only they are available on our website, so pop on over to bag yourself these gorgeous Anglesey Hearts. All made from recycled sterling silver.

Ynys Llanddwyn - Lovers Island, the home of St. Dwynwen the daughter of the Welsh Prince Brycheiniog, and the Patron Saint of Lovers. Pilgrimages are still made to the farthest point of the Newborough beach on Anglesey in celebration of love.

Formed by a glacier, each item of Garogosi Jewellery is unique. It captures a snapshot in time - a brief moment of poised ice - now passed, melted, eroded and lost.

The creation technique involves a mould being taken directly from the surface of a glacier, along with its GPS location. This process is unique and has taken years to perfect. No heat is emitted, no trace is left, and no damage is caused to the Glacier.

Garogosi preserves a momentary fingerprint from the surface of a glacier. Having shaped our landscape for millennia, they now shape these rustic and powerful items of jewellery – locking forever, one of the most impermanent forces of the natural world.

Gargosi Pendant

The Beginnings of GAROGOSI

In 2014, the London born multidisciplinary artist Sevan Garo, was asked to create a series of sculptures for an exhibition in The Hague, Holland, entitled 'Your Engagement has Consequences'.

At the time, Sevan was based in London.

"When I heard the title of the exhibition", he explains, "I immediately thought - GLACIERS."

He travelled to the Alps with the intention of taking a mould from the surface of one of the most iconic glaciers in Europe, Mer de Glacé, or ‘Sea of Ice’.

“All I had was the materials for the mould, and an old ice axe. I had no idea if it was going to work.”

Three months later, Sevan was in The Hague installing his sculptures for the exhibition.

He had produced six large glacial wall-hanging sculptures, cast in pure white pigment.

“I turned my back to the works, waiting for people to arrive, and suddenly heard a large smash. I knew straight away what it was.”

One of the sculptures had fallen off and smashed into hundreds of small pieces