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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Anne Morgan Gallery

First Up

Hello everyone, we hope you are all still well and managing with the ongoing lockdown.

We're not sure if it's getting easier or harder, does it just depend on the mood of the day? While we’re getting some lovely family time in and a fair bit of sun lounging, the workbench is still working to capacity, to bring you your custom pieces and new AMJ signature wear.

It's amazing what goes on behind the scenes in the gallery on any given day. Pre-lockdown, beneath the serenity, lay a team of staff - making, creating, designing, communicating, organising, planning, styling - the list goes on. Things are a little quieter at the moment, but rest assured there are plans being made as we speak! New schedules for online tutorials and workshops, along with new curations and new ways to buy. Read on....


Anne Morgan Gallery

Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who hopped onboard the 'Gemmology & Gin' taster session last Friday evening, given by the very lovely and knowledgeable Kerry from Gemmology Rocks.

And of course, a big thank you to Kerry herself for sharing her hard-earned and valuable knowledge with us. We hope you all enjoyed it, and came away with some interesting facts and new knowledge to use for future sparkly shiny gems purchases!

Learn more: Gemmology Rocks

We would love to run more of these online learning sessions, so we'd love to hear your views and if you have any thoughts on specifics you'd like to learn and talk about and ask Kerry.

/Maybe you have thoughts on another session you'd like us to run

/Maybe you'd love a Q & A session with your favourite jeweller?

/Maybe you'd like to hear about how to get into the industry with a session from an experienced and skilled jeweller?

We have lots of ideas here at AMJ HQ but we’re always open to new ideas from you, our lovely customers, so if you would love to attend a session on something specific then we want to know!

Just drop us an email we’ll see what we can do -


Anne Morgan Gallery


New Website

A strange but welcome side effect of lockdown is the potential to clear the long to-do list.

It's somehow bought many of us a little extra time to get on with the things that we’ve been putting off for weeks...ok so maybe we mean months...but you know what we're saying right?

And so, with that in mind we are more than a little excited to announce that we’re in the process of having an all-singing all-dancing new website built!

Our old site has done us proud, but we felt it was time for an updated fresh look. Our new website will be super easy to navigate, meaning that you won't have to spend an age trying to find what you’re looking for, and will be full of the all latest information on exhibitions, stock and most excitingly of all, it will have a full web-shop integrated onto it!

Stocked with all the great, good and gorgeous you would expect to find in the gallery, but with buying made easier and more convenient. Of course that means that the moment you remember that birthday at 10pm on a Sunday night, and you're working all week, you can simply hop online and buy the gift without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

We can get it beautifully packaged and sent out straight to the lucky birthday boy or girl. Panic over! We love anything that makes our lives easier, and let's face it, makes us look like we're actually organised.

We'll be keeping you posted on the launch date, as if we could keep quiet about it, who are we kidding?!

Watch this space.....



And Finally

We just wanted to say again, a big thank you for your continued support to our business.

It really does mean the world and make all the difference; we will be here as long as you keep using us. And whilst our new website is being built, and we don't have the formal webshop we're still here to help you buy remotely.

If there is anything you'd like to get more information on, or check sizes etc, then please just call the gallery or email us using the details at the bottom of this newsletter.

Think of us as your personal jewellery shoppers.

/If you need a few extra pictures of that incredibly beautiful ring to help make up your mind, then we can send them.

/If you want advice on what's best for a gift for a bold jewellery lover, then we are here.

We are here for you and we thank you all for being there for us.

Best and warmest wishes as always

Anne & Team

Anne Morgan Gallery


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All rights reserved.

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