Sp-Ring Exhibition 2021

Updated: Jun 7

Anne Morgan Gallery

It’s that time of year that really gets us excited! The team can't wait to open up so they can try on some of these beauties! From amazing tourmalines, sapphires, diamonds and even amethysts we're confident that you'll be swooning over these as much as we will.

Anne Morgan Gallery


We don't know about you, but the one thing we've been certain of this year is that our jewellery always fits, and our passion has never waned. We've spent far longer than we should looking and drooling over other peoples jewellery - it's made Bex and Anne come to work ( albeit an empty shop ) adorned with favourite pieces, with earrings fit enough for zoom.

Although our passion hasn't waned our patience has, as has everyone else's. we imagine. So come on guys we can still do this. Deep breaths and push on. It can't be long now..

We'll be filling your newsletters with amazing jewellery, so that when we can open it'll be here ready for you to droll over in the flesh. And dare we suggest - to try on!

Whilst our annual ring exhibition was due to start on 1st March ( we'd love to have invited you in ) we'll have to put that on hold. But if you are local, and you happen to take your daily walk past our shop window, we'll be putting on a small display of the collection at the gallery so come take a look.

We'll also be posting the collection on social media and Anne will be uploading video shorts of the rings in action.

*please do not drive to Penarth to take your walks- it's against COVID rules and you may be fined if found far from your own neighbourhood.

With the most talented makers to select from, it's always hard to narrow down our choices and curate a body of work that will blow you away, without giving you make-your-mind-up-meltdowns.

But we're confident we've got it right - because that's just what we do, and you amaze us by coming back time after time with your support. We've enjoyed telephone chats, video calls, zooms and endless emails, just to source the right piece for you. And although jewellery may not be at the top of everyone's wish list at the moment, the sparkly things always work for the magpies, and we're sure it's going to work for you too !

Jacks Turner


Jacks started her career as a silversmith, designing and creating one-off pieces of sil