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Updated: Feb 15

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Mothers Day Gifts

Is it just us, or right now are we all feeling that we need our mums a little bit more than usual?

In these unprecedented times it can be easy to lose sight of the important things in life, and get caught up in the hurricane that is raging around us. Here at the gallery we believe in pulling our loved ones in close, and telling them how important they are. Now is exactly the right time to be doing that.

So for those of us who aren't that great with words, and want to show somebody how wonderful they are with a gift, we can help you express that. We're not sure we know one single lady out there who doesn't enjoy wearing beautiful jewellery - whatever her style may be.

Understated and low key, bold and colourful, classic and simple - whatever their style, you will find the perfect fit amongst our collections.

Keep reading to find out about our newest exhibitor, and some of your favourites that are still available at the gallery. And don't forget that we offer gift vouchers too, so if you'd prefer Mum chose her own gorgeous gift then we've got that covered too.


Anne Morgan Gallery

Becca MacDonald: Young Jewellery Designer of the Year 2020

We are absolutely thrilled and honoured to announce that we are now exhibiting the work of the very talented Becca MacDonald in our gallery.

Becca has recently been awarded the prestigious title of Young Jeweller of the Year, meaning that her work is in high demand, and we’ve been lucky enough to become a stockist.

Becca views herself as a conceptual maker, inspired by material experimentation with her background in textiles, ceramics and sculpture influencing her jewellery design. Initially graduating from Chelsea College of Arts with a degree in Textile Design, Becca went on to work at London design studios, and artist’s workshops, assisting in the creation of immersive sculptural installations, furniture and bespoke artworks.

Becca explains that a common theme throughout her work is documenting the 'evidence of presence' and human traces. With an interest in both fluid movement and organic shape, she explores the space where liquid becomes solid and hard meets soft.

Becca says..

"My Brushstrokes Collection captures the evidence of a painter’s presence. Each and every silver brushstroke is individually hand-painted and the ephemeral residue from the painter’s pot is captured.

Due to the transient nature of my making process, every piece of jewellery is totally unique. A fleeting gesture and moment of movement is permanently preserved and transformed into a distinctive piece of wearable art.”

A selection of Becca's beautiful collection is available now at the gallery.


Beth Pegler

We have a fresh stock of Beth Pegler's highly popular textile jewellery in the gallery - ready for you to treat your mum this Sunday. Beth's jewellery is fun, personality-filled, super stylish and easy to wear, making each piece a great gift for all styles.

The collections come in a range of colours. From soft, muted tones of earthy greens and greys to hot, popping reds and yellows. Throw them on over an old black T, or snug under a crisp white shirt, and they’ll make you look and feel way more 'fashion' than you ever thought you could be!

Just ask the team here at the gallery - we ALL have them!


Tanya Clarke Hall

Tania Clarke Hall is an award-winning jeweller, working in leather and we adore her work! It's super stylish, slick and minimal - but with all the impact

Influenced by her background in chemistry and a love of Japanese design, with its wabi-sabi aesthetic, Tania’s bold and dramatic pieces are designed with a deceptively simple economy of line. The result is elegant yet playful jewellery, created to be worn in a variety of ways - twisted, wrapped or draped on the body. Tactile, warm, malleable and beautifully lightweight, her jewellery is a pleasure to wear.

A gorgeous selection of Tanya's work is now available in the gallery.


Anne Morgan

Anne's gorgeous collections are available in the gallery as always.

A firm favourite with many of our regular customers, and always gathering new fans and buyers locally and nationally. Anne works with a range of precious metals and includes any number of beautiful stones and gems. We currently have a beautiful selection of rose gold pieces, as seen here; we love it's warm soft glow - a perfect, gentle tone against skin that has yet to see the summer sun!


Sp-Ring 2020

And last but most certainly not least! We are of course still running our Sp-Ring Exhibition that features incredible work by an illustrious list of UK based designers - namely Roxanne Gilbert, Ulla Hornfedlt, Justin Duance, Helen Brice, Yen, Deborah Cadby and Natalie Jane Harris.

Head over to our Instagram page (@Morganjewellery) to follow and find out about this remarkable collection of designers, and head to the gallery to try some for yourself!

And maybe, possibly, even buy one or two.......


And Finally....

We of course couldn’t finish this newsletter without a nod to the extraordinary situation we currently find ourselves in, both here in the UK and the world at large.

Please be assured that this newsletter is sent to brighten your day with beautiful things knowingly, and conscious of the strange times we now find ourselves in; it is not a newsletter that tries to sail past the blindingly obvious without acknowledgement.

We are trying to keep things as normal as possible with business as usual as far as we can, and until we are advised to do otherwise.

We are sending each and every one of our valued and wonderfully supportive customers our very best, and warmest wishes to get through this uncertain time. We of course hope that if you do buy Mothers Day gifts this year, then you will support us here at the gallery, but more than that we wish you good health, in both body and mind as this situation unfolds.

Be good to each other.

Anne & Team


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