Young Jewellery Designer of the Year 2020

Updated: Jun 7

Anne Morgan Gallery

Mothers Day Gifts

Is it just us, or right now are we all feeling that we need our mums a little bit more than usual?

In these unprecedented times it can be easy to lose sight of the important things in life, and get caught up in the hurricane that is raging around us. Here at the gallery we believe in pulling our loved ones in close, and telling them how important they are. Now is exactly the right time to be doing that.

So for those of us who aren't that great with words, and want to show somebody how wonderful they are with a gift, we can help you express that. We're not sure we know one single lady out there who doesn't enjoy wearing beautiful jewellery - whatever her style may be.

Understated and low key, bold and colourful, classic and simple - whatever their style, you will find the perfect fit amongst our collections.

Keep reading to find out about our newest exhibitor, and some of your favourites that are still available at the gallery. And don't forget that we offer gift vouchers too, so if you'd prefer Mum chose her own gorgeous gift then we've got that covered too.

Anne Morgan Gallery

Becca MacDonald: Young Jewellery Designer of the Year 2020

We are absolutely thrilled and honoured to announce that we are now exhibiting the work of the very talented Becca MacDonald in our gallery.

Becca has recently been awarded the prestigious title of Young Jeweller of the Year, meaning that her work is in high demand, and we’ve been lucky enough to become a stockist.

Becca views herself as a conceptual maker, inspired by material experimentation with her background in textiles, ceramics and sculpture influencing her jewellery design. Initially graduating from Chelsea College of Arts with a degree in Textile Design, Becca went on to work at London design studios, and artist’s workshops, assisting in the creation of immersive sculptural installations, furniture and bespoke artworks.

Becca explains that a common theme throughout her work is documenting the 'evidence of presence' and human traces. With an interest in both fluid movement and organic shape, she explores the space where liquid becomes solid and hard meets soft.